Dec 30, 2011

In quest of a democratic world in 2012

Democratic state and society is precondition for total development of a country. Democracy is the thumb for sustainable development. Democracy is the motto for humanism and balanced society. Any decision would be taken showing honor to the opinion of maximum people of any society or state or organization which is called democracy.   

Democracy only can ensure peace, progress, justice and achievement. It can also ensure right for all strata of human being.

So it is necessary to ensure that the peoples verdict, support, opinion and expectation is presented correctly and impartially. What peoples are expecting through their opinion should be depicted correctly. There should not be any way or process that peoples support and verdict is showed after changes fully or partially. This is a great challenge for the developing and under developed countries to ensure that peoples verdict is representing any decision.

Misled democracy:

In most of the cases during formation of government which we see that peoples verdict is changed in the under-developed and developing countries through unauthorized handling of any powerful organ like Election Commission (EC) or Army of the concerned country with close instigate of nearest upper trended country which lead to even civil war of many countries.

This kind of broken democracy leads a country to instability in their social structure, financial bodies, political organizations, constitutional institutions and in every cases of life.

This kind of dictatorship can do all evil in the name of raped democracy. It allows any injustice in the name of justice. Liking and disliking of ruling hoodlums command all sectors even the issues related to human rights like government appointment, jobs, services, violation of constitutional rights like deprivation in respect of cast, colour, religion, birth, everything what they wish  and also judgment in court as per wish of the rulers.

So dictator in the way of misled democracy that means when democracy is snatched or hijacked through different powers in evil ways like changing of peoples right, verdict and opinion over the night.

It is very dangerous because this kind of government emblems themselves as democratic one and try to find support of the developed and democracy loving countries but actually they are not elected one. So they get most of the support of many countries as democratically elected government though they are absolutely have come in power through conspiracy of changing peoples’ verdict.

This kind of political parties or government formed by them encourages them to do more oppression on the general people of the country. They can not hold peoples expectation, values, wishes and mind.

Middle East Incidents:
Peoples and their movements specially memorizes us the state of democracy in the most oil enriched countries of the world like Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Libya.    

A number of republics embracing Arab Socialism, such as Syria and Egypt, regularly hold elections, but critics assert that these are single-party states or unfair dominant-party systems and not full multi-party systems. Multi party system could not evolve in these countries due to oppression from ruling party which is mainly family based. They are the controller of all civil and military power.

Most importantly they do not allow citizens to choose between different candidates for presidency election. The constitution of modern Egypt has always given the president a virtual monopoly over the decision making process, devoting 30 articles (15 percent of the whole constitution) to presidential prerogatives.

According to the constitution, the Egyptian president's powers are equivalent to those of the prime minister in parliamentary systems and to the president of the French Fifth Republic.

Yemen, Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority, while also partly accepting this ideology, are generally considered more democratic than other states that do so, but the power of institutions in the latter two are limited by the domination of Syria and Israel, respectively.

Absolute monarchy is more common in the Middle East than elsewhere, and even a number of kingdoms with parliaments have been claimed to fall broadly under this category. Saudi Arabia and most other kingdoms on the Arabian Peninsula are usually considered absolute monarchies. When one looks at the Arab states of the Middle East in comparison to countries around the world, the endurance of their authoritarian systems seems extraordinary.

Although personalistic regimes have fallen throughout sub-Saharan Africa, for example, the Middle East displays a wealth of similarly corrupt dictatorships that remain in power.

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi compelled to leave power after taking thousands of lives. It was not absolutely unessential for him because he could leave power even when the movement for democracy was mounted and people of his country were not accepting him as ruler.

The parallel condition we see in many countries of Africa. The democracy is marginally practiced there as like of eyewash.

Many Asian countries are also prey of this showing democracy like Bangladesh when they were affected by Army backed interim government on January 11, 2007 for 90 days firstly then it was prolonged for two years ending on January 06, 2009. During their regime, an election was held in the country on December 29, 2008. In the result of the election they published a one sided result to save themselves from any punishment through winning Awami League (AL) who backed that interim government when they came in power in 2007.

The same kind of scenario we see in Pakistan at different times. Myanmar is the most hard here to give state power to its people.   

Transparency in right depiction of peoples’ verdict can ensure rule of law only. Millions of peoples wait for an election to lead a country as per the expectation of the people. But peoples’ expectation and target go in despair when their verdict is snatched, support is changed in evil way, repression escalated to suppress them, constitutional rights are denied to grasp in power.

We can hear a slogan only over the world that please make ensure the rule of people which is mostly famous in the name of democracy. It should not be eyewash but it ought to be in real sense only. 

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