Sep 15, 2011

Environmental change in Bangladesh in last 2 decades

Khairul Anam borne in a village of Bangladesh in the late of 1980s. Mr. Anam passed his early life in the village Khojarhut under the Sadar Upazila of Jessore, a south-west District of the country. He used to go to school every morning taking bath from a pond situated beside their house. He saw that farmers were cultivating paddy without any under-ground water at least two seasons of the total three seasons every year. People used to catch fish from the tiny river flowed beside their village.

Meanwhile, Mr. Khairul passed his Primary and Secondary education during mid of the last decade of the last century. He looked change of environment of his society very consciously. The water flow of the river had been flowed for about unknown number of years came to totally plain field in the dry season during the first five years of the first decade of the new century. 

Besides, the only pond where Mr. Anam used to take bath and catch fish with his father also has turned into a  dry field during most of the time over the year.

Now, no paddy can grow without under ground water, no fish can grow in the river as it become a dry one most of the period over the year, natural growth of forest also has been closed due to decrease of land fallen for the forest. 

In many areas water bodies like lake, canal and rivers have already been dried out and even removed from the map.

Now, agricultural production has engaged more costing like chemical fertilizer, pesticides resulting very harm to the human bodies and organs.  

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