Feb 18, 2011

Beauty of Sea embraces Bangladesh

Have you ever seen the amazing and aesthetic beauty of Bangladesh! It is the high time. You can just book a modern suit here just on the sea shore and get the touch the live sea in your heart. It is true you can make a game even with sea. Really unbelievable but you may happen it here in Cox's Bazar.

What a beautiful Bangladesh is! What a charming is its rivers embraces with eye sweetening sights in the the agricultural fields over the 1,47,570 Square Kilometer of land.

World's longest sea beach is here in Cox's Bazar, the southernmost district of the country. It seems that the Almighty Creator has bestowed all of His blessings to this nation comprises 16 million people.

The Cox's Bazar Sea seashore is 120 KM in length also known as 155 KM long sometimes. Starting from Cox's Bazar District Town it is expanded its way to Badar Mokam, name of a local place.

Hundreds of Thousands of travelers and tourists from 200 countries of the world throng into the beach every year to take the touch of sea connected with Bay of Bengal.

Cox'x Bazar, the pojoton capital of Bangladesh are surrounded by hills and mounts which creates an aesthetic beauty over the sea. Have you ever seen the combination of mount and sea. It is really rare also.

The Cox's Bazar was named after the British Captain Haram Cox in 1798. Previously the Cox's Bazar was called as Bakulia before 1798.

INANI Beach, a part of Cox's Bazar seashore now decorated with many modern and updated Hotel-Motel and shops. Here travelers can see an attractive sea species like Red Scorpion in hundreds of thousands.

The other important part of the Cox's Bazar seashore are Teknaf and Himsori.

KUAKATA, also known as Daughter of Sea is situated in the Patuakhali District under Barisal Division of the country. Both the sun set and sun rise can be seen from this seashore.

The south of Bangladesh is surrounded by a total of 711 KM seashore. The other important Sea Beaches of Bangladesh are Potenga, very near to Chittagong on the way to Cox's Bazar and KOTKA, situated in the in side of Sundarban, the largest mangrove forest of the world.

Now, you may like ti live in the deep of sea instead of seashore. Yes, there is the way in Bangladesh. Saint Martin, an island in the Bay of Bengal in 48 KM distance from the Teknaf Sea Beach. Saint Martin is 7.315 Kilometer long and totaling 8 SKM in area, which also an administrative unit Union of Bangladesh.

Saint Martin was also known as Narikel Zinzira, also the lone Coral Island of Bangladesh is very famous for fishing and tourism.

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