Dec 24, 2010

HR group says BSF kills one Bangladeshi in every four days

Taking part in an open discussion, Odhikar general secretary Atikur Rahman Khan said BSF is killing one Bangladeshi in every four days.

Human rights group Odhikar and Human Rights Watch at a press conference at BRAC Centre on December 13, 2010 revealed a report on killing, abuse and torture by the Border Security Force (BSF) of India along the border.
About 1,000 Bangladeshis were killed by Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) over the last decade, according to a report released by rights groups in the capital city Dhaka in Bangladesh on December 13, 2010.

Apart from the killings, the report says, the Indian border guards usually threaten, abuse and beat Bangladeshi people living in frontiers villages, but they hardly get any cooperation from Bangladesh police. "It's a gross violation of human rights."

The report was prepared based on statements of victims, witnesses, journalists, human rights workers, law enforcement officials and members of BSF and BDR.

The report says that the governments of both Bangladesh and India need to hold joint, fair investigations into the situation. "India must also discard the attitude of avoiding responsibility."

"Both governments must take steps to stop these mindless killings," Mr. Atik said.

A father who lost his teenage son to BSF gunfire and a man who was shot and injured shared their agonies at the press conference.

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