Oct 16, 2010

Trucks and passenger cars sales go down in Canada

Sales of trucks and passenger cars were both down as the number of new motor vehicles sold dropped 4.8 per cent in Canada in August this year.

That's 128,764 new vehicles.

Statistics Canada reports preliminary industry data indicate new vehicle sales increased four per cent in September.

Sales of trucks (which include minivans, sport-utility vehicles, light and heavy trucks, vans and buses) fell 5.2 per cent to 73,002 in August after four straight monthly increases.

The agency says passenger cars sales dropped 4.3 per cent to 55,762.

North American-built car sales dropped 5.7 per cent and were the main contributor to the decline, while sales of overseas-built cars fell 2.6 per cent.

New vehicle sales dropped seven provinces in August.

The largest gain was in Alberta, where sales increased 2.4 per cent.

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