Oct 1, 2010

Dream comes to reality by Gabrielle Gress

One may think it as a dream! But now it is reality to Gabrielle Gress,a courageous and youngest teen of the world who showed his charismatic tactics and controlling ability to the world on September 14 this year.

At the age of 14, Winter Haven girl has already started setting flight records, not just in her town but all over the world.

Gabrielle Gress became the world's youngest person to ever fly a multiple aircraft in the same day after she flew two airplanes and one helicopter solo at an airport outside Toronto, Canada during her birthday last Sept. 14.

“The record I broke is being the youngest person to solo aircraft, (fly) an airplane and helicopter,” Gress said. She beat the previous age record by three months.

Gress, already an accomplished pilot, trains every day or even twice a day at times at the Winter Haven Airport. She had to taxi out her plane, take off, fly a designated pattern in the sky then land and taxi back in, she said.

Gabrielle's mother, Sherrie Gress, said she was an emotional wreck when Gabrielle shattered the record.

“I was crying. I was confident in her but I was so proud and nervous together, it was just overwhelming,” Gress said.

Gabrielle had to go to Canada to break the record since she is still underage to fly solo in the U.S. The pilot prodigy, whose both parents are pilots, said flying is a family tradition.

“I feel like I have responsibility over something. Whatever I do, I'm controlling that aircraft,” the teen pilot said.

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