Nov 26, 2010

Year-end celebrations: Get your dream car at lower rate

Model:  2010 Mercedes Benz -S550, White, Germany  
Wake up! Time is here. Now, you can purchase your dream car brand at a very amazing lower price. Hurry up and just order for your cars and pickups. 

The world renowned brands declare the lower rates to celebrate the year-end we are going on to pass. 

You know old is gold, old is matured, old is experienced and examined, old is better to many human being in many fold. Old is in heritable to us! Old is the heritage to all!

These are choices which have many colors, many dimensions, many out-looking and many interests.

The end of the year is usually a great time to buy a car!. Most car makers celebrate some kind of "year-end sales event," which is just a fancy name for a clearance sale.

However, every car dealer or seller expects to clear out all old models to carry on new and fresh brands with rise of fresh sun-ray into the new calendar year. So this is a great time to shop at the end of year at discount prices of the cars.
Model:  2010 Mercedes Benz -S550, Black, Germany 
Wish a great deal on a Mercedes? Now is the time to jump. This month the German car maker is offering its dealers $10,000 in marketing support to help them clear out the last of the 2010 S-class sedans. If and when they pass that savings on to you, you can save a bundle on the outgoing model.

You will pass up a couple of cool new safety features found on the 2011 model--lane departure warning and blind-spot detection--but the savings might be worth it to you. The base sticker price on the 2010 S550 is $91,600. Assuming you're a decent negotiator and the dealer is willing to pass on that $10,000 incentive, you can drive it home for well under $80,000.

The 2011-model S550, on the other hand, starts at $93,650. There's a $1,000 rebate if you trade in a BMW, Lexus, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover or Porsche. Or you can lease a higher-priced version of the S550 for $1,299 a month, with $6,500 due at signing.

No car dealer wants to carry last year's models into the new calendar year, lest their customers conclude they've got stale merchandise on the lot. This is especially true for luxury car dealers who know their customers are spending big money for a car and won't settle for leftovers. But if the changes on the newer models are relatively minor, you might be better off taking the deal on the 2010.

Slow-sellers will also often get a marketing boost at the end of the year. The Acura RL, at $46,830, is a nicely appointed, mid-sized luxury sedan packed with technology.  
But it's often overlooked by luxury car shoppers, so you can get some nice deals on it, especially this time of year. Now through Jan. 4, Acura is paying dealers $4,000 in marketing support for the 2010 RL, to subsidize their offers of 0.9% financing or a zero-money-down lease of $560 per month.
  Model: 2010 Mazda MX-5 Miata, Red (Up) and Silver (Under) Colors , Japanese (Below)

Or why not buy that cute little convertible you've been eyeing while the snow is flying, instead of waiting until spring, when demand is higher? Mazda, for instance, is providing $3,500 cash support to dealers on its 2010 Mazda MX-5 Miata in November. Most dealers will pass that on to their customers, knocking quite a bit off the $25,220 sticker price.

Model: 2010 Nissan's  Titan , Golden (Up) and White (Under) Colors , Japanese (Below)

Pickup trucks are attractively priced across the board, but two in particular have good deals this season.

After seven years Nissan's  Titan is looking a bit tired compared with pickups from Ford Motor, Chevrolet and Toyota. But it is still a very capable truck. It's priced at $34,270, but Nissan is currently offering a $5,500 rebate or 0% financing.


 Model: 2010 Chevy'sSilverado , Blue Ash (Up) and White (Under) Colors , US (Below)


Chevy's Silverado pickup hasn't been updated since 2006, so it, too, has to offer generous incentives to stay up with the competition. GM is offering a $5,000 cash rebate, plus $1,000 bonus cash if you finance through Ally Bank, or 0% financing on the $31,290 Silverado now through Jan. 3.

Nov 24, 2010

Summit pledges to save tigers from extinction

Governments of 13 countries where tigers still live have endorsed a plan to save the big cats from extinction.

In the last 100 years, tiger numbers have dropped from about 100,000 to less than 3,500 tigers in the wild today.

Delegates at a summit in St Petersburg, Russia, agreed to double tiger numbers by 2022.

The countries will focus on protecting tiger habitats, addressing poaching, illegal trade and providing the financial resources for the plan.

There has been a 40% decline in numbers in a decade, and some populations are expected to disappear within the next 20 years.

The United Nations Environment Programme (Unep) says that the St Petersburg Declaration will strengthen international collaboration to protect the majestic Asian wild cat.

Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, executive-secretary of Unep's Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) Secretariat, commented: "Safeguarding international migration corridors and trans-border habitats will be crucial for global efforts to save the tiger."

The declaration sets in motion a strategic plan for tiger recovery; the countries are putting together a roadmap for post-summit action.

They are also discussing the institutional structure which will be set up to implement the aims and objectives of the declaration and its recovery programme.

"There was clearly a loud roar from St Petersburg this week on behalf of the last remaining tigers on our planet," commented John Robinson, chief conservation officer with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).

"World leaders rarely find agreements at conferences and summits but the beloved tiger has proven to be a uniting force. And as we save the tiger, we have new hopes to save the world's biodiversity."

WCS was one of several groups pledging new money to assist conservation efforts, in this case $50m over 10 years.

The World Bank, whose president Robert Zoellick takes a strong personal interest in the tiger, put in a similar amount, and aims to leverage further funding from governments and the corporate sector.

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio donated $1m to the effort.

Mr DiCaprio arrived in St Petersburg on Tuesday after two problems with his flights.

One plane was forced into an emergency landing after losing an engine, the other had to make an unscheduled stop after encountering strong headwinds.

Mr Putin described the actor as a "real man" - or "muzhik" - for his persistence in getting to the summit.

North Korea South Korea Exchange Artillery Fire.

North Korea South Korea Exchange Artillery Fire.

New Zealand declares trapped 29 miners dead

The 29 miners of New Zealand have been declared dead earlier after a second explosion ripped through the shaft where they were trapped, sources said.

A memorial service was held in the town of Greymouth, and Prime Minister John Key said it was a "national tragedy".

Some devastated relatives said the men, trapped since last Friday, could have been saved if rescuers had been faster.

Queen Elizabeth, who is New Zealand's head of state, said she was deeply saddened by the disaster.

"I send my thanks and deep appreciation to everyone who has worked so hard to attempt a rescue, and also to those who will have a part to play in the task of healing the pain that is being felt throughout New Zealand and around the world," she said.

Rescuers did not manage to make contact with the miners - who included 24 New Zealanders, two Australians, two Britons and a South African.

Some grieving relatives accused the authorities of being too cautious in the efforts to save the men, trapped last Friday after an explosion in the Pike River mine.

Laurie Drew, whose 21-year-old son Zen was among those killed, said the miners' families were angry that rescuers had not entered the mine after the first blast.

"They had their window of opportunity that Friday night, and now the truth can't come out because no-one alive will be able to come out and tell the truth about what went on down there," he said.

But mining rescue expert Andrew Watson told the BBC that the emergency crews would have been totally focused on trying to rescue their colleagues.

"There is absolutely no doubt that if it had been possible for them to enter the mine at any time, they would have done so," he said.

Officials believed the poisonous and combustible atmosphere deep underground had made a swift rescue attempt impossible.

Air samples taken from inside the mine through a 162m (530ft) bore-hole completed on Wednesday had shown dangerous levels of methane and carbon monoxide.

Police confirmed a second explosion had ripped through the mine at 1437 (0137 GMT) on Wednesday, ending hopes of a rescue.

Grey District mayor Tony Kokshoorn said family members wept, shouted and fell to the floor after hearing the news.

"This has got to be the darkest day for me, for Greymouth, for everywhere. Things are never going to be the same," he said.

"It's unbelievable. This is the West Coast's darkest hour. It doesn't get worse than this."

Mr Key, who declared that New Zealand was a "nation in mourning", said he would travel to the area on Thursday to meet the miners' families and thank the rescue crews.

"New Zealand is a small country, a country where we are our brother's keeper, so to lose this many brothers at once strikes an agonising blow," he told a news conference in Wellington.

"The 29 men whose names and faces we have all come to know will never walk amongst us again. We are a nation in mourning."

He also offered his condolences to Australia, South Africa and the UK.

Mr Key praised all those involved in the rescue attempt, and said there would now be a full inquiry into how the tragedy had happened, with the aim of making sure it was not repeated.

Analysts say New Zealand's mines have a good safety record, and this was the worst disaster for almost a century.

Pike River is not far from the Strongman mine, where an underground explosion killed 19 men in January 1967.

New Zealand's worst mining disaster was in 1896, when a gas explosion at the Brunner mine, also near Greymouth, left 65 miners dead. It accessed the same coal seam as the Pike River mine.